Here’s a double day for you!

Sunday 21st July

Sunday was spent how all sundaes should be – lazzzzyyyyy. We woke up in the late morning and didn’t get out of bed straight away. Instead we got hooked on looking up rental properties in a few of the cities we’re hoping to move to while eating breakfast. We haven’t started looking at jobs in Australia yet as it’s still a bit early; but we’re trying to get an idea of how much renting will be as we’re going to save one of our wages entirely to go towards a buying a house.

Once we pulled ourselves together we headed to the nearby beach for some sun. We managed to get ourselves a lounger each.

We lay about here into the late afternoon until we both started to feel a bit cooked and headed back to the air con in our room. We decided on burgers for dinner so set off in search. The harbour area has lots of choices for food; Greek being the most popular. We found a burger joint and enjoyed them while watching the sunset.

Monday 22nd July

This morning Mitch and I spilt off for some alone time. Turns out there is such a thing of spending too much time together. Mitch spent his time shopping, exploring the castle (which he said is the exact castle we saw on our first day – there wasn’t more to it) and getting a crepe. I decided to wander the old town with a coffee and found a sunny spot on a bench in front of the ocean.

We met up later on to visit the old church in the centre of the town. It’s called Panagia Ekatontapiliani or if that’s too long for you; the church of 100 doors will do. The church is still in operation and we saw quite a few people praying or lighting candles while we were there. The church was renovated in the 50’s so parts of the original building from 326 are still intact but the majority is new stone as an earthquake in the 18th century destroyed large parts of the church.

The afternoon was pretty boring to be honest. Since we didn’t get a quad on this island we were a restricted with that we could do. We were a bit stumped to our options as we didn’t want to get too much sun. So we packed and looked at things to do in Naxos. Turns out there’s 9 beaches that are considered must dos so we’ll be looking at getting a car on Naxos.

Dinner rolled around and we decided on Katy & Rudy’s which is a Chinese restaurant on the water. The food was tasty but the most expensive we’ve had so far and we didn’t even order much! We strolled back to our hotel stopping for ice cream and kataffi on the way.

Not the most exciting 2 days for us. Paros is a bigger island but doesn’t have as much going on as you would anticipate; however this could be due to the fact we didn’t rent a quad or car (trying to save) so we didn’t see as much as we have with the previous islands.

Onto the next island! – Katy xxx

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