Our last day in Milos did not really consist of much interesting. We slept in and retuned our quad bike before our alotted time. Since we didn’t have our quad bike anymore we were restricted to wandering our our port of Adamas. It’s a lovely port but is not very big. There are a few beaches that are unorganised which means there’s no sun-beds to hire or places to eat and drink, they’re literally just sandy beaches.

Katy and I set up camp next to a tree for some shade. We spent a few hours here laying in the sun and listening to music and I managed to finish my book I’ve been slowly ready. Can recommend it to everybody it’s called “This is going to Hurt” and it’s basically a series of journal entries by a junior doctor during his training complied into a hilarious yet heartbreaking book.

After a few hours here we walked back through the town and decided to head back to our hotel and relax for the afternoon. We just sat in our little balcony in the sun and ate some food and listened to music on my Bluetooth speaker. Really nothing to report. We had to have an early night because we had to get up early the next morning so we watched another episode of black mirror and went to sleep nice and early.

We woke at 6:20 and packed our stuff to get down to our ferry for a 7am departure. It’s a 7.5 hour ferry ride so we wanted to find somewhere comfy for our day on the ferry. We sat in this lounged area where people seemed to all be laying to nap, so we joined them 😎

The ferry was long but we didn’t mind. We both spent it napping sporadically and I watched some Netflix on my iPad and we played with our phones to kill time. With the napping it made the time go a lot faster so the 7 + hours on the ferry weren’t too bad. Before we knew it we had arrived in Paros!!! Our next destination on our month long tour of the Cyclades islands.

We checked in and went for a walk around the town. First thoughts are that it’s got more to the town than Milos but it would seem the beaches around the island aren’t as famous. There’s an old town which is just as magnificent as Mykonos and all the other postcard famous villages.

We sussed out some places we want to go and visit the next two days and had dinner at a cheapish grill restaurant. We had seen online there was a cocktail bar nearby with good reviews so decided to go for a cocktail after dinner. The place was called “Pirate Bar” and we would highly recommend anyone in Paros to visit here, especially if you love a cocktail made the right way.

We had an amaretto sour (as we have throughout the world as it’s our personal fav) and a local cocktail and both were amazing. I’ve had a lot of amaretto sours in my time and this is definitely top 3 which is a big call because I have had lots!

After dinner we grabbed an obligatory ice cream on our stroll home through the old town. We got home and ferociously googled the various beaches and locations we plan on visiting tomorrow, hoping for some guidance on the do’s and don’t’s. Weather is meant to be crackin’ so we’re hoping for another belter.

Until then


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