Today was Monday which meant that all our friends had to be shipped off to their employment with sullen faces and a slouch in their step. Thankfully, Katy and I are officially unemployed which meant we got to go and explore the city as we hadn’t seen downtown yet in all its glory with sunshine and greenery.

We took advantage of a much needed sleep in, had some breakfast and planned on our maps where we needed to walk to see everything. We knew it was a long way but didn’t mind because we like walking, it’s the best way to see a new city plus it’s good exercise and means we can taste all the good foods without feeling guilty. We later leaned that by the end of the day our trusty Nike trainers had taken us approx 16km!!

We started off down towards the river and followed that towards downtown whose direction was obvious thanks to the skyline in the distance. The water in the river was beautiful and the weather bought out all the joggers, cyclists, ducks, geese and tourists.

With twin pineapples (Katy) beside me we walked all the way into the city and around to a neighbourhood called “Eau Claire” which Keiran had previously told us was great to visit for parks and various sunny sitting/eating spots. We passed the “peace bridge” which was an attraction and sat by the river in the sun, dog watching and enjoying the vitamin D being soaked into our pores.

From what we could see the council were working on things for the upcoming summer. The winter snow has only just finished melting so we walked passed many places planting colourful flowers or garden beds and even 2 separate places cleaning an empty public pool and refilling it again.

Downtown Calgary is quite a city; filled with towering skyscrapers and many a businessmen hustling passed you fuelled by their 6th coffee for the day. Having said that, from our view it wasn’t a busy city, at least not at lunchtime on a Monday. It’s very clean and as always with the Canadians; everybody is very polite and friendly. We may have spoiled ourselves a little by starting with Vancouver because we kept finding ourselves saying we preferred Van over Calgary. That’s not to say we don’t like Calgary there just seemed to be a lot more happening in Vancouver.

We walked quite literally, everywhere. Saw where the Calgary Stampede is famously held every July and both its main shopping and restaurant districts. We stopped in the food court of a shopping center for food. The shopping center has a complete glass roof and made it very open and inviting.

On the top floor they had gardens you could sit with once you bought your lunch. Katy and I decided we needed a healthy green lunch so we picked up the most delicious salad from an independent food chain called “culture”. 100% healthy fast food, it was delicious! We sat by the garden/carp pond and enjoyed our lunch as we watched those same bustling business people rush to get their lunch in before they had to hurry back to work.

To fill in the rest of our day we ventured through the city and took photos of all the quirks we saw along the way. I can tell this city loves summer just by the way they’re setting up in preparation for the sunshine. I wonder if they love their -30C winters just as much?

By 6pm we had seen everything we wanted to and thought it too early to eat dinner. So we went and got some food from Safeway and walked back to the house. All our mates were home from work and happily enjoying their dinner so we joined them around the kitchen bench. After dinner we played a drawing game on our phones that was all linked up to the tv which was an absolute laugh and went to bed. Hopefully this sunshine continues into our week here.

I absolutely love unemployment!!

-Mitchel T

Until next time

M 🙂

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