Hi guys,

So we’re combining two days into one as Tuesday was pretty chill for us. We had a bit of a lie in Tuesday morning since we’ve not had the most restful sleeps. With a house full of early workers and sleeping in the living room, we both tend to hear our roomies (for the week) getting ready and sneaking off to work.

Anyway; we woke up and decided to skip breakfast (it was 11am) and got ready for the day. One of the boys, Kieren, recommended an independent Italian sandwich shop called Peppino’s which is know for its delicious subs. Let me tell ya, he’s not lying. They hit the spot and a bit more! I had chicken pesto and Mitch had chicken parmigiana 🤤 we ate these on a bench in the sun by the river.

In the evening we headed to Lynn and Malcolm’s (Morgan’s mum and stepdad’s place) for dinner. It was a great meal and even better company (cheesy I know) but we really enjoyed spending time with everyone and catching up.

Wednesday; if the title of this post didn’t already give it away; was our anniversary. 4 whole years together and by the end of this trip will have added another 3 months.

We started off with lunch at a bar/restaurant called Hayden Block. It’s specialties are smoked meat and whisky so you know Mitch was in heaven. We each had a main and shared a watermelon salad (weird to imagine but very tasty).

I had a pulled pork sandwich while Mitch had 14 hour smoked brisket which he says is the best meat he’s ever eaten. Topped with their espresso barbecue sauce and we were both very happy with our choices ☺️.

We also picked up a sweet treat (or 4) from a bakery called Crave. Safe to say I’m an oat cookie convert 😍

After lunch we met up with Lynn and Malcolm again to go beer tasting at a brewery.

They’ve changed the laws in Canada recently which meant that microbreweries don’t have to be able to produce massive quantities in their initial batches anymore. Previously this had been a block for those breweries that didn’t have the money to fund such a big startup. So now it’s actually possible for them to get off the ground with their first few small batches which is why Calgary has so many popping up.

We headed to a place called Legend Seven Brewing which supplies some of Lynn’s taps at her pub. Mitch and myself decided to do a beer flight which is lots of little tasters. I would describe the glasses as “Katy sized” and was disappointed that I couldn’t buy any. I guess I’ll have to be on the lookout in Australia for them.

We enjoyed our beers while playing shuffle board (which is basically miniature sized curling but on a sand covered board).

Since Lynn and Malcom seem to know everyone with a brewery we got treated to a private tour of Legend’s brew house which was really cool. They make it start to finish including bottling and labelling. We didn’t even pay for our drink flight because the rep for the company wrote it off on his tab! I think he was trying to persuade Malcolm to add another tap to the bar.

We moved on to another pub that Malcolm recommended then headed back to K Pub for some food to go with all that beer. We had a brilliant afternoon and had to fight to pay for anything. If you’re reading this Lynn & Malcolm; thank you for your generosity.

Finally to end this amazing day (best anniversary yet) we watched the raptors beat golden state (woop woop) and went to The Gateway at Calgary Tech to see Ocean Alley. They’re an Aussie band who got #1 in triple J’s hot 100. The gig was so much fun, the band were fab and we were surrounded by the entire Australian population of Calgary (or so we assume). The new boy on this picture is Conner (Thomas and Trents Canadian friend). He does comedy part time and loves Aussie music! I’m introducing him here because he’ll be appearing in the next blog post 😉.

Heres Ocean Alley for those above the age of 28

Not a haircut between them! – Katy xxx

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