So we’ve been away for a week already! Time flies when you’re unemployed and having the time of your life; but at the same time it feels like we’ve been away for ages. Probably because we’ve seen so much and been in 3 different cities already.

Sunday morning we woke up in beautiful Banff, honestly the views of this place are out-of-this-world! Everywhere we went you could see another snow covered peak of another mountain which is surprising since the weather was a toasty 24. When I packed I was expecting Scotland weather: bit of sun, some rain and mostly just ok weather but we’ve had some really hot days already. Me being me (a cold frog) I’m almost too scared to wear my shorts in case it gets chilly.

Here’s a pic of Mitchy enjoying his fruity cocktail and simultaneously slow roasting himself.

Back to the story – we left Canmore (just outside Banff where our Air BnB was) and drove back to Calgary where we met up with all of our housemates for the week. We had breakfast in the garden and chilled for the afternoon before heading out to watch the basketball.

For those not in the basketball scene, like moi. The Raptors are Canada’s only professional basketball team playing in the NBA. Surprisingly they’re doing very well this year and have made it to the finals which for some reason takes like 7 games to prove your the winner.

We spent the night eating nachos and drinking cocktails (ok that was just me) off of a converted pool table while watching the Raptors play game 2 in which they played well but ultimately got whooped in the last 2 quarters :(.

Here is all of the housemates enjoying our front row TV seats.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this baby update of Calgary. Hopefully we’ll have more to show you this week coming! – Katy xxx

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