Hi folks, sorry I missed a day, we were too busy having fun. We bring ourselves to the end of day 6 of our travels and it really does seem like it’s already been a lot longer. Sorry if there’s not many pictures I’ve been terrible with the lens recently.

Yesterday we got to the airport and saw on the news that there was raging bushfires in the Rockies and the smoke from those fires had blown across to Calgary. So our friendly aeroplane ride was turbulent as we came into land. I personally think the pilot did well to get us down onto the ground as visibility looked to be about 10m no joke!

Trents girlfriend Morgan and her mum were nice enough to pick us up from the airport. We acquainted ourselves and were shown through the house after a small drive through smokey Calgary. We waited until Trent had finished work and then headed out to the pub that Morgan’s mum owned. It was a lovely, wood finished large pub with a lot of character and personality! It was also right in the middle of a “happening” part of town which made it a great spot to be. After we had had diner and a few drinks we were informed that Morgan’s mum had picked up the entire bill which was so lovely of her. We spent the night visiting various bars where our friends either worked or were regulars. When we got home post midnight there was a loud chap on the door. It was their 69 year old widowed next door neighbour. She says that she has her fire pit going and would be offended if we didn’t join her for a drink by the fire- so we obliged.

After a late night and a much needed sleep in, we jumped into the car and headed for the Rockies. We had an air BnB booked in Canmore which is the next town down from Banff.

We drove to Lake Minniewanka which is just outside of Banff and stopped for a photo shoot. All the while hoping to see some of the wildlife such as a bear or mountain lion( from a distance).

Morgan told us that by the time you see a Mountain lion or a Grizzly bear the best you can hope for is a quick death-if you can see them it’s because they want you too and they’ve seen you long before. (Side fact- there’s also never in the history of hiking been a bear attack on a group of 4 or more people so.. yknow, the odds were in our favour. Similar to getting eaten by a shark or killed by a redback spider in Australia. It’s rare!). We did manage to see a few chipmunks and rabbits which were cool and much less terrifying, the lake was absolutely amazing and the colour of the water was a strange blue. Photos definitely do not do it justice.

Afterwards we drove to Banff to have a look around and eat some lunch and sit in one of the various beer gardens to have a beer. The views in Banff are spectacular. Everywhere you look the backdrop is the Rocky Mountains. It almost looked fake because they were so close and so ginormous and belittling. We met up with Tommo (yes the same Tom from Vancouver) as he had driven back across from his holiday with his parents.

Our time in Banff had come to an end. I think it’s wonderful and kinda reminded me of Queenstown in NZ. It had this lively alpine atmosphere where everyone is so happy and friendly. The weather was also stunning 24 and sunny so I manage to work on my tan sitting on the patio too. We drove back to Canmore and checked into our BnB, which was comedically difficult as if they’ve made it a riddle.

Enter the elevator and insert the key. Pull it up and turn to the left 1/4 turn. Floor 3, exit the elevator and turn towards wild rose room

-Direct quote from air BnB mans manual. It was extensive and ridiculous believe me.

Our Air BnB has a hot tub so we decided to soak up what was left of the daylight in a very very hot spa. It was lovely at first but we didn’t last long because we were absolutely roasting. Not to mention we were hungry and ready to walk down the road for dinner.

Tonight didn’t consist of too much, the 4 of us walked around town which is only 1 street. We had a delicious dinner and had 1 or two drinks then headed home as the unanimous decision was that we were all exhausted.

Not sure what tomorrow morning will entail, it’s looking like we aren’t going to get up to Lake Louise which is disappointing but you can’t do it all and and we’re pretty strapped for time, it’s another hours drive away from Calgary to get there. We were thinking of doing a short hike around here because they’re all meant to be amazing but we might be pushed for time as we have a dinner reservation in a sports bar with about 20 people as the Toronto Raptors are playing in the basketball finals. So we need to be back in Calgary for 4pm.

Love to all.

Check back in soon for the next installment

M 🤘🏼

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