We have had a very big day and I am currently writing this with the tops of my eyelids trying so desperately to rendezvous with their counterpart so please accept my apologies in advance for errors.

We both woke about 5:30am this morning with obvious jet lag so decided to make the most of it. We first of all went for a leisurely walk to get our bearings and “stumbled across” one of the many Tim Hortons franchises that’s happens to be on every corner of the city. Katy’s favourite, so we grabbed a coffee and headed back to lift some iron in the gym of our BnB. By the time we had been on our massive walk, busted out big upper body gym session and a devoured a healthy breaky in our apartment it was… 9am :/

Next plan was to a) find a good deal for SIM cards on our phone as we wandered through the shopping district and b) make our way towards Stanley Park where we planned on hiring a bicycle.

Fast forward a few hours and we’re on our bicycles, pedalling through/around a magnificent thick pine forest with a purpose built bike track around what they called the “sea wall”. We stopped at various tourist attractions such as the Totem Poles and took many many photos. Exhibit A

The weather couldn’t have been better, 22 degrees and fairly still. Perfect! We spent the next 4 hours cycling while stopping for a chill in the sun and even managed to make it to one of the beaches and grab some lunch. All the cycling we did was either on Stanley Island (all bike tracks) or along the coast so we didn’t have to set foot/tyre on any roads at all. This was an added bonus to Katy who was visibly apprehensive at the rental place of her own skills.

Sun kissed, sore and struggling to make sense of the bicycle paths we managed to navigate our dual wheeled chariots back to our rental in the allotted time and sit down for an ice cold beer (conveniently it was happy hour). Afterwards, we were feeling a bit sunburnt so thought we would check out another popular shopping street on the way back to our flat.

It was at this moment I finally caved to peer pressure (sorry mum). Katy has been bugging me to buy LuluLemon clothing for a long time with all the usual shopaholic excuses (ThEY laST a LoNG TImE) I had been looking for singlets and I found one I liked so I ignored the £42 ($80) price tag and listened to my girlfriend. However, it is lovely and is apparently a collaboration from the Marc Jacobs designer so its worth it right?

In other news, our swimming pool at our accommodation is freezing so I swam alone and Katy watched (surprising). By the time I’d showered and eaten some food in our apt for dinner it was time to write this blog. Time flies when your having fun on your bicycle on day 2 of your trip with burning legs and burning skin and a burning wallet doesn’t it!?!?

Side note: this city is absolutely lovely. It has everything; lots of greenery and pine trees everywhere, beaches, marinas, cbd, transport etc we’ve definitely started this trip in a wonderful city. The people of Canada are so FRIENDLY. I thought the Irish were friendly but the Canadians have them beat. I find myself chuckling at the extent of their friendship with even the most minor of interactions, I’ll no doubt touch more on this subject in future posts.

Might be Katy’s turn to write tomorrow so you can tell us who’s literacy is more entertaining. If Mr Wynn’s year 11 English class is anything to go by, my bets on Katy!

Time for a well earned sleep


M 🙂

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