Glasgow-Reykjavik-Vancouver. The first leg was easy for some (me) as I slept the whole 150min. Poor Katy had to endure her own entertainment methods without a pal to annoy.

We stepped off the plane and had 1hr in Iceland to grab a bite to eat, jumped back on the exact same plane we disembarked and headed for Vancouver. Luckily we ate a very expensive sub roll because it turns out Iceland Air doesn’t serve any food on an 8 hour flight (no wonder they’re all skinny). As we flew over Greenland the pilot announced to look out our window as we were directly over the Glaciers. They were magnificent, our altitude was 11,000m and we weren’t much higher than their peaks.

We landed in Van and devised a plan. As we usually do in a new city, suss out our location, see what’s close and go grab a small amount of groceries for our Air BnB. We’re staying in Yaletown which is as central as you can get so we are deep in the dense concrete jungle 16 floors high to be exact.

Tomorrow should involve seeing the beaches that are in walking distance, checking out any tourist attractions worth seeing and investigating how we are going to see Stanley Park (Vancouvers version of Central Park). It’s meant to be 23 degrees so you better believe I’m dusting off the havaianas and getting some sand between the toes!

Peace out

M 🙂

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