Hi all, finally I’m awake enough at the end of the day to actually sit down and write something on this blog. You may have noticed that we’ve changed the name of the blog to “letters to home“. This is slightly inspired by my nanna who told us to start writing down our travels in a journal so we could look back and remember the details when we’re her age, fingers crossed we’ll still be able to work this when we’re 89.

Moving on to what we actually got up to today! We started the day in the gym since this is the only accommodation we’ll have with access to one in the next 3 months. Please refer to picture 1 (McSporran, 2019) to see Mitch in his new Lululemon singlet (vest to the Scots reading).

With the weather looking much like Scotland does most days we headed off to Granville Markets on Granville Island where we had read there was food galore not to be missed.

It was a long walk but gave us some nice views of the city we hadn’t seen yet.

The markets were surprisingly busy considering it was lunchtime on a Tuesday but we persevered through the crowds to get our hands on the donuts we had read so much about.

FYI – best doughnuts ever! Still warm, a bit sickly sweet but soooo worth it. The honey dip is fan favourite but I can attest the freshly baked jam filled ones were also delish! The market also sells fresh produce and very good coffee.

After stuffing our faces we headed back towards the city to Gastown.

Side story here – Vancouver hasn’t quite got to the advancement of Paisley buses wherein you can pay for transport using a contactless debit card (credit only – North American’s love using credit cards for everything!). We didn’t have change for the bus so in typical super friendly Canadian form, we got let on for free!

Anyway back to Gastown which is the oldest neighbourhood in Vancouver and home to the steam powered clock (not sure exactly how this works). We explored a bit and sat down for a drink in the sun before heading back to the apartment for the evening. It’s not far from our apartment so we’ll probably make another trip back since this is known as the foody area.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly longer read from me! Until next time – Katy

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