Today I was awake at a reasonable hour but Katy had a poor night sleep so I let her sleep a bit longer. We eventually woke and ticked off a few jobs we had to do such as send emails and organise some things for the move to Australia. I briefly rang my family and spoke to mum, grami and poppa. We gathered our things and headed for a beach within walking distance. I realise there’s a theme in these blog posts, beaches! But we are in Greece so you can’t not spend 90% of your time laying in the sun like a lizard, soaking up as much Vitamin D as you can. There were sunbeds but we are sick of paying for them so we bought ourselves an €8 parasol that did the job almost as well (should’ve done that earlier in the month).

The parasol did eventually unplug from the sand and floated down the beach with the wind but it was successfully retrieved and we wanted to go for a swim then head back anyway.

We headed back to the room for some lunch out of our fridge and a bit of a relax. I wanted to checkout the beach nearby to our place so at about 4:30 we headed down there for a quick dip. It’s only about 30sec walk from our place so I didn’t even take a phone or anything. The beach was packed with children so it was a bit busy for our liking but this beach had much better sand to walk on (sometimes here in Greece it can be a bit too rocky).

Come dinner time we went looking at a few restaurants to get some prices and ended up at a seafood restaurant. They sucked us in with the fresh fish on display. It wasn’t our cheapest option but we hadn’t paid for a meal today so thought it might be allowed in the budget. I had salmon with vegetable( cooked on an open fire bbq) and Katy had the same but with swordfish. Both we’re absolutely devine and could not have been cooked better. It wasn’t presented like a Michelin star restaurant but the taste made up for that. We both had a taste of each other’s plates and agreed that we made the right decision, even if it was a bit more expensive.

As usual we picked up an ice cream on the way home and went back to our place for a semi-early night and to watch an episode of Netflix. We’ve started “The Money Heist” on mums recommendation and it has sucked us in. 😂

Our blog posts have been a bit sparse recently, purely for the fact that we aren’t doing much to blog about. We’re soaking up the Myconian atmosphere and enjoying the sunshine and doing a whole lot of nothing. Next week we head to Italy and have a packed schedule there so expect a lot more interesting blog posts to come. Stay tuned 😀

Our next day we set our alarms and woke at a reasonable hour, but still didn’t manage to get ready and out of the room until about 11. We went down and enquired about Delos island tour which is very famous for its representation in Greek mythology. We missed the morning boat so decided to do Delos tomorrow and head to a few of the beaches further around the island for the afternoon.

We walked through Little Venice and said hello to this pink pelican on the way to the bus stop. We had the usual scuffle with Greek time management and was told our bus was full so it left 30min early (which is Greek for: it didn’t come!) We boarded another bus which took us to a cluster of beaches where we could walk to our destination anyway. The first beach we stopped at was Platis Gialos which was completely covered in sun beds. There wasn’t even a free area to swim so we dumped our stuff next to a sunbed and went for a swim (did the ole “act confident and no one will ask questions) – the water was too tempting, it was definitely the nicest in Mykonos we had come across. Clear blue water with nice fine sand.

We swam for a good while then walked around to Scorpio beach where we layed under the umbrella we brought yesterday.

Paragka beach was our final stop for this afternoon beach crawl. It was big like the first one and again very organised with lots of places to eat and drink. If you remember back to when we spoke about Pathos sunset lounge in Ios, it reminded me a little of that. It had a huge bar area set up from the beach with VIP tents and marquee areas you can pay with your house (joking but really!!?!). They had a DJ playing and an all round chill party atmosphere. I did my fair share of partying on the weekend so we were happy to stay under our umbrella and swim about in the ocean.

We stayed here until 5:30 and got the bus back to town after difficulty finding the public bus stop. It was at this point that we realised we hadn’t eaten since breakfast and I only had yoghurt with honey so we showered quickly and headed into town for an early dinner. We had sussed out some nice places that were a reasonable price yesterday so we ended up at Nikos Tavern in the main town. It had pretty much the same menu as all the others without the sea view, and therefore without the price tag. It also felt very authentic too. I had Pasticcio which is the Greek shepherds pie with nutmeg spices I have spoken about before in this blog. Katy was feeling minimalist so simply had “Pasta with red sauce”. Both were delicious and suited our price tag too.

Picked up an ice cream on our way home and snapped some pics of the sunset before crashing in our beds, completely overtired.

Big day on Delos tomorrow

👀🙃 M

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