Another week, another island complete.

We’re fast approaching the end of our Greek island hopping. We have exactly a week left in Greece; then we start our month travelling Italy.

Friday 26th July

We were up early today (at least in Greek time) to return our quad bike and while we were out decided to grab a bite to eat. We stopped at one of the waterfront restaurants which were dead at this time on the morning (this is 9am btw). I had a fresh orange juice, tea and some toast and jam. Mitch had a freddo cappuccino (iced cap) and a fruit salad.

Breakfast is more of a tourist thing over here; or so I’ve been told. Greeks will typically have coffee and a cigarette for breakfast so most of the places serving breakfast are doing it for our sakes. Saying that, it’s not uncommon to see Greek people in the restaurants but most of the time they’ll just stick to coffee – day or night. They’ll drink coffee.

We headed back to the room to get ready for the beach. We decided to head to Agios Georgios beach as it was walking distance to the town. The beach is really nice, lots of restaurants and bars nearby and plenty of shady spots to sit on the wall. We had already decided to rent sun beds today since we were having a full beach day and laying in the sand while it’s windy isn’t my idea of a good time. What we didn’t realise is that the sun beds would be 3 times the price we normally pay at €30! Reluctantly I paid it since we were already set up and I didn’t want to have to hunt for another spot.

Safe to say we stayed there all day. It was one of the best beach days we’ve had. The water was really warm and we splashed about in the waves for an hour. Mitch is trying to teach me how to fight out past the waves since the ones in Australia are bigger and stronger. I’ve resigned myself to going on a surf safety course and maybe even some surf swimming lessons since I’ve realised I’m not the best in the ocean.

We picked up a cheap dinner on the way home since we were starving. So salads and desserts in hand we had a nice chilled night. I finished my book I was fighting through and Mitch watched some confessions tape detective show on Netflix. After that all we had left to do was pack our bags and set our alarms for the next morning.

Saturday 27th July

We were up and ready in 15 mins and ready to leave for the ferry on time. We were a short 10 minute walk from the port (which is good because my pack weighs 1/3 of what I do). We got a text yesterday about our ferry being changed so you can imagine our confusion when neither of the boats matched the name we were given. Thankfully when we asked one of the port staff he directed us onto a boat. It said it’s going to Mykonos and it was due to leave at the correct time so we assumed we’d make it there one way or another.

Once we got into the port we looked around for the best way to make it to the “old port” which is where we were staying. We decided to go with the water bus which was 2€ and took us right into the main square if Mykonos with our hotel being just around the corner.

Here’s a boat we stopped next to with a man in his home gym! How the other half live.

Our room wasn’t ready yet so we got some lunch at the bakery next door. Mykonos is the most metropolitan island and because of that, the most expensive so we wandered around and got some groceries for the mini fridge again. Since it was Saturday we decided to go out to one if the beachfront clubs at Paradise beach. We had some drinks in the room and left to catch the 23:15 bus.

Club Tropicana is the free club on the beach as opposed to the 70€ you might pay at some of the others (this amount depends on if a famous DJ is playing). The club is really fun, there’s lots of people dancing on the raised platforms, the music is super loud and everyone’s having a good time. Saying that it’s nice that they leave the loungers out near the water so if you want a breather and to be able to hear whoever you’re with – you can go sit on them.

We stayed until 2 when the club closed and got the 2:30 bus home. The buses are manic to get on because everyone’s s pushing to try and not miss it. We thankfully bought our returns when we bought our ticket going out so we got on the bus quickly and actually got a seat.

In bed just before 4.

Sunday 28th July

Happy birthday to my sister!

On another note, Mitch wasn’t feeling too bright after last night so we left the room only to get lunch which he didn’t manage to hold down. I felt pretty splendid in comparison and acted as nurse all day.

Until the next beach day – Katy xxx

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