Another day another city. We woke up in Ottawa with our bags packed (go me for pre-packing!) and hit the road. We’d been warned that if we thought Canadians were bad drivers in general, French Canadians were going to give us a run for our money. Let’s say they’re not wrong – y’all suck at driving.

Thankfully we made it to Montreal in one piece, although a little stressed. We got the last parking space at our hostel and headed out to explore. As it turns out, our hostel was in what you’d call “the gay bit” of Montreal. This month is Pride so this area was decorated FABULOUSLY!

After wandering through a public garden where everyone was enjoying their lunch in the sun we spotted what appeared to be a mini cannabis farm. I know it’s legal here but this is still weird for us.

We continued walking and stopped for some lunch; poutine is supposed to be best in Quebec so that’s what we ordered; and enjoyed the atmosphere.

With only one day in Montreal we took to trusty google to see what was a do not miss in the city. It came up with Notre Dame Basilica (which conveniently we were sat in front of) and Mount Royal which was a 45 minute walk away and most of it was uphill! 🥵

Be warned, Mount Royal is like being on a never ending stair master, I only remembered I had been here before because I remember hating it 5 years ago as well. The view is worth it though, a full panorama view of the city. After all this walking we returned to our hostel to relax a bit (and assess whether we got any sunburn).

My overall thoughts are that Montreal is much more spread out than anticipated and it makes it hard to decide if you’ve seen everything. We gave it our best shot with the 11km that we walked and we had some amazing weather on our side. I think it would be much better to do with a local as I’ve come away thinking although it was beautiful, it was just a bit “meh”.

-Katy xxx

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