We woke at the cottage by the lake to a wonderful view. We slept in due to the time difference from Calgary so a 10:30am wake up was actually an 8:30am wake up. As expected everybody had eaten breakfast because we didn’t expect them to wait for us sleepyheads. We spent most of the day lazing around the cottage and played a few board games between breakfast and lunch. We played this interesting dominos game called “Mexican Train”. It was a long game and over 12 rounds Katy came out victorious, second place went to me a grand total of 1 point behind. After 12 rounds I lose by 1 point. You all know me well, I wasn’t sour about it at all 😐

Afternoon time arose and we needed to scoot back to Kyrie and Dave’s house so said our goodbyes and jumped in the car. It was peak hour so it took twice as long but we eventually made it to their home and we quickly changed and went to “lone-star” for unlimited fajitas.

My only photo of the night consists of our margaritas. They were delicious. Afterwards we went to get “Dairy Queen” which is basically Canada’s version of the McFlurry but a million times more delicious. We had some reservations at a sports bar to watch the next Raptors game but all 5 of us decided we were tired and over full of food so we cancelled the reservation and headed home to stream the game in the comfort of our own home. The Raptors lost the game 106-105… thats right they lost by one point. As a consequence they have to continue playing in this best-of-7 finals series. The score now sits at 3-2 to the Raptors.

This morning we scrubbed ourselves out of bed and headed into downtown Ottawa. Kyrie had to work a 12 hour day and Dave had things to do so Katy, Kirsten and myself headed in for some sightseeing. Kirsten lived around here for 2 years so we were relying on her to show us the sights. The weather for the first time was very overcast and windy but as yknow, nothing can stop us, because we’ve spent our time in Scotland and no bad weather can stop us!

We walked to all the main points of the city. Seeing all the sights and tasting all the foods (as usual)

Beaver tails are a delicacy here (according to Kirsten) and let me tell you they were just as delicious as she made out. I don’t actually know what it is but from what I understand it’s deep fried pastry with the obvious toppings. Delicious!!

We walked up towards Parliament Hill

There’s lots of cool stuff to see in this area of town. Unfortunately there’s a lot of construction going on at the moment so we couldn’t walk all the way around and it was pricey to go in but we saw all the things we wanted to see from the outside anyway.

We did some shopping in the city and ALSO! I just remembered I made my second Lululemon purchase. Both girls were so proud of me. I bought a pair of shorts that are sooo comfy and can be used pretty much for workout/comfy wear/walking around. They were pricey as expected but I’m happy. Will show up in pictures later on in the blog.

We walked passed the Fairmony which looks like a castle and is set on the river. It’s also right next the canal that has a lock system that can let water and/or boats through. It was quite a cool sight so I thought I’d test my gymnastics. It was pretty high up so Katy was not impressed and refused to take pictures as I tried. 😂 these were the best I got.

You can see the province of Quebec on the other side of the river. Quebec is the French part of Canada. It’s a lot more French than I expected but I’m sure I’ll get used to it in our coming days of travels (Montreal/Quebec City) This side of the river is Ontario and the other side is Quebec. It’s one city but the river is the border between the two provinces.

Kirsten took us to this street halfway home with more shops because Katy had some birthday money to spend at the bigger LuluLemon store. We spent some time there, went and got a few groceries for Kirsten for the week and got a famous pizza called Willy’s pizza that Kyries brother swears by. Once again he wasn’t lying it was delicious. We polished off our pizzas and watched some Netflix before heading to bed.

Into our 4 wheeled companion tomorrow morning, destination; Montreal.



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