Today and tomorrow are the two days we had allocated to scooting about the mountain and visiting all the parts we had heard are great. We woke mid morning and had some food in our hotel we bought from the shop yesterday. My giant peach was delicious and Katy had a turkey and cheese sandwich as well.

We walked down to the car rental and hired a quad bike for the next two days. We hired the cheapest which is a 50cc engine, has about as much torque as your nearest lawn mower engine although I’m convinced mums hair dryer could power us up the mountain faster than these things. They wouldn’t accept an Australian drivers license so Katy was my chauffeur for the day.

Our first stop was the ancient Christian catacombs from the 1st-5th century AD. The drive there was uneventful albeit slow through the windy mountains. After complaining about our quad it did seem to be working better than the one we had in santorini so who are we to complain 🤨 We parked up and walked down the steep staircase to the museum, quite a view on the way down.

The Catacombs were €4 entry or free with your valid UK student card (thanks Edinburgh) so I just split the total with Katy, €2 each was a bargain we thought. You were only allowed in the area with a tour guide 12 people at a time. Here is us in the shaded area waiting for group of people to be put through the attraction.

The attraction was very informative and quite interesting although all the bones had previous been moved by archaeologists so all there was to look at were the graves. Approximately 2000 Christians were buried here between the 1st and 5th century AD. Most graves had about 5 or so people, wrapped in cloth sealed over by rock with plaster. Our 5min tour was sufficient and interesting, there were two rooms to see and you were able to take photos without flash.

From here we headed to the nearby tiny town of Plaka. It’s built into a hill and is very small but very quaint. We found a nice authentic restaurant to eat some lunch. I had an omelette and Katy had a toastie which both aren’t very Greek although the main event was our dessert. This place had loads of yummy baked goods. I opted for a milk/custard pastry and Katy opted for the shredded filo pastry style baclava. Both were delicious but I think Katy’s was the best pick of the two.

On our way back to the car Katy purchased a souvenir, a small shallow ceramic plate used for things like dips and oils or even to keep your car keys in.

Next up we had two stops planned along the north coast of the island. We boarded our 4 wheeled orange friend and drove to Sarakiniko. This place is an absolute postcard perfect area. Unfortunately we didn’t have the best weather as we have read that these places can be ruined by the north winds. We still got awesome phots and went for a swim but it was quite windy.

Milos is known for being a very windy island and is frequently used for wind surfing championships etc

Note our amazon purchase; rock shoes. They’re wetsuit material with a hard rubber sole on the bottom, perfect for places like this where in the water the floor is rocky and can hurt your feet. We decided after Croatia we needed these and it’s the best idea we’ve ever had. We don’t care if they’re ugly, they’re practical so that’s all that matters. 🕺🏼

This was actually quite high and I was legitimately frightened 😎

Many people refer to this place as lunar landscape for obvious reasons. The volcanic white rock has been eroded by the harsh winds down to a smooth surface. It’s crazy as it’s only about 100m stretch along the coast, everywhere else has normal rock. Photos don’t do it justice, it’s so picturesque and when the sun came out from behind the clouds the water turned an emerald blue. It was pretty busy with people getting that perfect Instagram shot. We even saw what looked like a professional model doing a topless photo shoot right in the crowds, they were very modest but it looked strange in a crowd of tourists.

We spent a good amount of time there at Sarakinikos before we headed across the north coast to Papafragas. I had read previously that to get down to the small secluded beach was a bit of a walk down a cliff, made difficult by strong northerly winds. So heading there I was thinking we may not get to see much. As we arrived there were people down there and lots on the top of the cliffs taking photos. After seeing the warning signs you know I ignored them and headed straight down (sorry mum). I weighed it up and it didn’t look too difficult and I was right. This was another place that would’ve benefited from better weather. The choppy waves were churning up the volcanic sand making the water look murky. The ocean water outside the cave was clear and blue but the water in these caves didn’t look as appealing.

So both of these postcard places were tainted a little by the windy weather but we enjoyed visiting them nonetheless. I had read multiple blogs and posts about the north coast of Milos island so there was nothing that could stop me.

From here we headed to a nearby town called Pollonia, it’s on the far north-east coast of Milos island. We didn’t stay too long, had an ice cream and walked around to check it out but there wasn’t much happening.

We had some food in our fridge at our hotel from our grocery shop. By this time we were getting peckish so agreed to make the 11km ride home for a feed. It’s not a big island so all of these places were no longer than 15min drive apart. The ride home was spectacular and I managed to get some photos while Katy was driving.

We were pretty sun soaked so after eating our food and showering the salt off us, so we crashed soon after. We planned on going out after dinner for a walk and a look around but we were too tired.

Until next time 😎🇬🇷🤘🏼


4 thoughts on “Milos- Sarakiniko and Papafragas

  1. Papafragas was closed when we were there, I really wanted to swim there! From the looks of your pictures we ate at the same place and Plaka that you did, twice!! The desserts were amazing! I loved your pictures and reading your adventures!!!!

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