Well, our 9am set off time rolled around very quickly today considering Mitch got home at 4am! If anyone knows me well, you’ll know that I function very poorly on too little sleep and today was not the day to mess with me. Mitch got a fair lashing when he wouldn’t get out of bed at 8:40 and I ended up leaving the room to meet everyone down in the lobby as I didn’t want to be the one holding everyone up.

We had a rough start to the morning as we waited to board the ferry, piled on, found a place to store our luggage and located our seats. I managed to get a bit of a nap in on the ferry. Mitch spent his time regretting the night before.

Once we got to Santorini we had very little time to check in, dump our stuff and get changed to head to the beach. I wish I could say that I got some amazing photos of the black sand beach but we were both so tired we plopped ourselves on two loungers under a parasol and relaxed. The service was really quick on the beach so in no time we had a bottle of water and two cokes beside us. I don’t know if this is to do with the scalding temperature of the sand or not but the waiters move very quickly. We ventured into the sea a little later on. The water is crystal clear and pleasantly cool, you can see your feet sticking into the black pebble-bank.

We only had a couple hours at the beach before we hopped back on the bus to see the highest monastery in Greece atop a hill that overlooks the island. Also, yes I know my tummy doesn’t match the rest of me. I’m working on it!

We had a couple hours at the hotel to get ready and relax before heading out again. This time into central Santorini; which is a quick 10 min walk for us; to watch the sunset. The area overlooking the water where the sun sets was heaving with people trying to get their perfect shot during golden hour. Thankfully Mitch is a true Instagram boyfriend and got some amazing pics (of me).

After our half hour photoshoot we headed to dinner with our tour group. That’s one of the nicest parts of these trips is that you get to meet so many friendly like-minded people. We had some really good conversations over dinner about travelling, work, good TV shows and even about saving for a house! Hopefully we’ll get to meet up with some of our new friends (just like we had done in Canada); all the more likely considering most of them are Australian.

This was more photos than stories this time but still an update none the less – Katy xxx

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