Hey pretty smiling people. Sorry still got George Ezra stuck in my head from Glastonbury. I hope all you readers are well, today Katy and I are in Athens and…. ITS KATYS BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday to my beautiful girlfriend, quarter century and counting- looking finer by the day.

Our day was pretty relaxing, we caught the overnight flight from Edinburgh to Athens. It left Scotland at midnight and arrived in Athens at 6am (4hr flight and a 2 hour time difference). We arrived and made our way to the city centre via the train. The trains were lovely and clean, not busy and on time so what more can you ask for? Also there must have been some fires around as it’s quite smokey around Athina today. As you’ll see in the photos it’s hazy and smells significantly of bush fires. Nothing I could see on the local news so it must not be anything serious.

We were obviously too early to check in so we changed into our swimmers and headed to the rooftop pool to chill out for the day.

Katy’s dad Robert has informed me that when he went to Greece 1000 years ago that no toilet paper was allowed to go down the toilet, that there was a little bin for all toilet paper to go in which was burnt at the end of the day. Ignorantly I assumed this “primitive” way of sanitation would have been updated by now surely, I never thought any more of it. Turns out I was wrong. After doing my research I learned that basically it’s because their pipes are all 50mm wide so things very easily get stuck. To go through the entire city/country and change this would be impossible as you would basically have to dig up EVERYTHING!

We spent the day lazing about napping in the sun, doing some light tanning and observing all the other travellers searching to escape the 35 degree heat at the local waterhole. Since it’s Katy’s birthday we indulged in a cheeky cocktail. I opted for the classic Brazilian refreshment of a Caiprinha whilst Katy went for “Peaches n Cream” Delicious 🤤

Eventually we checked into our room but headed back up to the pool, we’ve been in Scotland for too long so being the lizards we are we couldn’t keep away from the sunshine! Our pool is on the rooftop and looks all over our part of Athens. There’s not too much to look at but we can certainly see everything.

We had a light late lunch and retreated to the shade of our room for a shower and to apply aloe Vera to our sore and sorry skin cells 🙃 lazed about for a bit and headed out to a Greek grill for dinner. We didn’t go for anything fancy just wanted some nice Greek food for a decent price. Greek food is pretty simple and usually involves meat and veg or salad. We got exactly what we wanted and absolutely enjoyed it.

If you know me well you know those tomatoes weren’t even looked at 🤮 but the Tzatziki was amazing on my beef Koftas.

After dinner we passed a Greek bakery type place on the way home and couldn’t go past without sampling some baclava. We just had a little one each as I’m sure we’ll have a thousand more during our month here in Greece. This one had Nutella on top so we were salivating.

We headed home and shot straight off to bed early as we’re pretty tired from our overnight flight and big day by the pool. Tomorrow will be much the same, lazing by the pool until we meet up with our group tour at 7pm.

All the best to you all

Missing you, M 🤘🏼

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