Hello lovely readers 😊

Just a quick post so you know that we made it back in one piece from Canada. Here’s a little update on what we’ve been up to the last 4 days.


We landed at 2pm and I was at my waxing appointment for 4. That’s what you call dedication. The rest of the evening we pretty much just chilled with my family and shared the ice wine we brought back. They say the bottle once opened can last up to 6 weeks. They have obviously never met my family.


It was a lazy day for us, we went and saw Toy Story 4 (highly recommend) and did some washing. Literally that’s it. I watched a lot of Love Island and Mitch complained about being bored.


I slept in til 3 since I was too hot to sleep during the night. I’ve also been battling Mitch’s cold; since we got back; before it can take up residence in my body. Our vitamin box is looking pretty bare since I was popping allllll the pills. The good news is it seems to have worked and I don’t have to go to Glastonbury with a Rudolph nose and a box of Kleenex.


We made a trip into the west end in Glasgow on for some brunch and a bit of shopping. If you find yourself on Byres Road in the late morning, get yourself to Kember & Jones. It’s a nice little breakfast/lunch spot with baked goods and coffee to take away. The vegan peanut butter cup I had was the best thing I’ve ever eaten (treat wise).

It was a nice treat to be back and not working; bonus we got a bit of sun as well! We skooted about on the subway and went for a wander through the botanic gardens which were lovely but probably not the best idea since Mitch was dying from hayfever. Teaches him to not take the anti-histamines. We spent the rest of the day buying food (mostly drink) for the weekend and packing our bags.

We probably won’t post again until after Glastonbury to give us time to recover and get ready for the next part of the trip – Greece & Italy!!!

Talk soon! – Katy xxx

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