Hello to everyone reading; we’ve reached our last city in Canada before we fly home to Scotland on Friday.

We started early Monday morning by packing the car and saying bye to my Canadian relatives. Hopefully not for too long because I think they’ll be making a trip to Australia soon to visit my cousin Jordy in Melbourne.

It was a very long drive to Toronto and somehow we always end up taking an hour longer than the sat nav says. I don’t know if it’s stop signs or driving at the speed limit but what was supposed to be 4 hours 20 took us 5 hours 15 with a 20 minute stop for lunch. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Anyway we dropped off the rental car with no issues and got a shuttle to the airport where we caught the train to the city. We knew the Raptors homecoming parade had started at 10 so we were hoping to miss the crowd buuuuut no such luck. The train in was fine but once we got to union station it was HEAVIN’!

The queue to get on the train we had just come off of was through the station and out the door. The streets were packed and to top it all off, it was rush hour so on top of trying to drag our cases through the crowds we also had to meander past the cars that had pulled onto the crossing and avoid being hit by the traffic at the same time 😰. As it turns out our Air BnB is super central but also only 2 streets away from where the parade finished in Nathan Philips Square; if we had been a day earlier into Toronto we would have had an incredible view of the action without the crowds but alas we weren’t to know.

We later found out that there had been a shooting during the ceremony part of the parade; we didn’t hear or see any commotion at the time but saw it on the news reports later that day. Thankfully nobody died and they caught the people who fired the gun pretty quickly since the city was swarming with police.

We went for walk after the crowds had dispersed a bit and grabbed some dinner but decided on an early night since Mitch has caught a little cold and I had an appointment the next morning.

This is the aftermath of the crowd, apparently approximate 2 million people were on the street to watch the homecoming. They had already started the cleanup by 7 and it’s already back to normal today (Tuesday).


Our morning started early with my appointment at 437 swimwear. They’re a Canadian boutique swimwear company based in Toronto who I planned to buy some bikinis from online until I discovered the shipping and U.K. Customs charges 😬. So instead I booked into their showroom here to try on the styles I liked.

Funny story here is that I booked this appointment 6 months ago trying to be prepared and in that time the showroom has moved to a different location. We turned up at what is now their main packing & distribution building. Thankfully they still let me try on the bikinis and even offered me 20% discount because I didn’t get to experience the “loft showroom” which is more spacious and instagramable.

Here are my new kinis which will get a good workout in Greece and Italy I suspect!

After this we wandered the streets looking for somewhere for lunch when we stumbled upon a Mediterranean restaurant called Ricarda’s. We both had salads (go us) and as is becoming a trend in this blog, forgot to photograph until i was halfway finished. We headed back to the apartment to drop off my bikinis, catch up with my mum and chill on the balcony for a bit since it was such a lovely day.

We popped out in search of a drink (preferably on a rooftop balcony) to enjoy the afternoon sun. This is where we found Carlotta a hotel with a rooftop bar open to the public. It was a beautiful little sun trap in the late afternoon.

From here we went on a mini walking tour of Toronto (just a short 10k) and picked up some tickets to tomorrow’s Blue Jays game. They were playing today as well and there seemed to be a good turn out so we’re looking forward to it. I should point out neither me nor Mitch are particularly invested in baseball, we’re just going for the experience.

We had dinner tonight at La carnitas which is topping my list of the best Mexican food I’ve had (I haven’t been to Mexico yet so I’m happy to be disproven later on). Might have to make a trip back again before we go.

Which brings us to the end of the day. Hope you enjoyed a 2 day update!

Katy xxx

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