Today we woke up and before I even opened my eyes could hear the rain pouring outside. So I did what everyone who’s on holiday would do. I rolled over and went back to sleep. In fairness – Mitch had that awful (no) sleep in the hostel the night before so he was in need of a lie in.

By late morning we had both woken up, checked the golf (c’mon Adam Scott!) and gotten ready for the rest of the day. We got some lunch from a nearby cafe (honestly our air BnB couldn’t be in a better location) and decided on what to do today. The weather was predicted to be storming but it was beautiful sunshine when we left the cafe so we headed to the port to board the ferry to Lévis.

On the way we spotted a what we though was a bunch of police cars chasing someone buuuuut it turned out to be a police escort for a road race. We cheered them on while waiting to cross the road.

The return trip to Lévis (which is a little city across the river from Quebec City) was cheap and quick. We jumped on just as they were closing the doors and headed upstairs to take in the view. This is primarily the reason for getting the ferry is the view of the city is beautiful as you pull away.

Here’s me and Mitch in the sun on the ferry…

And here are the storm clouds rolling in.

And here is Lévis, 5 mins after we got off the ferry.

Like I said, we had seen that it was meant to storm but the inner optimist in me believed that the sunshine would win out. Clearly it didn’t.

Anyway we waited probably 15/20 mins for the storm to calm down and headed to a micro Brewery across from the ferry terminal. The rain had pretty much halted once we finished our drinks. We explored Lévis a bit and I’ll be honest. It’s boring af. I had read that it’s a dinky little villagey-city; and nice to explore but to be honest; there was houses and not much else.

Saying that, I’m paining my future home this colour.

We did have a google of what to do and came up with “look at the view of Quebec from this side of the river”. So with that we headed back to our side and faired much better. Example 1 – here is me back in the sun.

We walked around La Basse-Ville which is the lower part of the city and where the original settlement was founded. It’s very cute with lots of cobbled streets, steep staircases and fancy restaurants. We passed a fudgerie (yes that’s a thing) and you know we stopped to buy some; as I type this it’s almost finished. We also booked in for dinner tomorrow at one of the restaurants we passed. This can be our 1 fancy meal of the holiday.

For tonight though we had Chinese. It’s not got anything on paisley Chinese but it was yummy none the less. After this we headed to the bar in Le Château Frontenac – 1608 – for a (very pricey) cocktail with a view.

Another day, no dolla – Katy xxx

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