Wassup friends and family?! Yesterday we wearily woke to the rain whispering to us “your flights in 3 hours”… oh wait that was Keiran. We got an Uber to the airport and boarded our giant yellow aeronautical people mover (after a “spotto” punch to the shoulder)

We landed in Toronto airport and had to meet up with Katy’s sister. It seemed like an easy enough task until you add the fact that Kirsten’s in a completely different terminal without realising and is trying to give us instructions as to her whereabouts. The penny dropped when we were standing at Door C and Kirsten said she was standing under the same door, but was nowhere to be seen. After catching the inter-train to our terminal we said our hellos and went off to hire our car. We added Kirsten to the drivers list and set off for our 4 hour drive through to Ottawa (where Katy and Kirsten’s family are located). 😀

Driving through Toronto in bumper to bumper 6 lane traffic was bad enough, but remembering to stay on the right hand side of the road certainly added to the difficulty.🚙

Toronto was massive (geographically) and took at least an hour to get through. Once I made it through, with the directions of my trusty sidekick (Katy) it was pretty smooth sailing all the way through to Ottawa. We arrived at Ottawa around 1:30am, let ourselves in and went straight to sleep.

The next morning we woke to say hello to Katy’s family and thank them for having us stay. We are staying with her (correct me if I’m wrong Katy) second cousins Coleen and Buck.

Bucks mum is Katy’s grandmas sister

Their house is lovely and we’re staying in their freshly decorated basement with our own bathroom and living room. We chatted for a long while and drove down to Tim Hortons for a breaky sandwich and a coffee. By now it was time to head to Katy and Kirsten’s other family member Sheena and Tony’s house. They have a massive house a little bit further out with huge front and backyard and an amazing outdoor decking with a pool and bathroom and outdoor setting etc

Almost the whole Canadian side of the family arrived and I was introduced to everyone as I tried to piece the family tree together. Everybody made a lovely point to come and say hello and ask about my travels. For once, it’s not my accent on the chopping block, it’s the two Scottish girls I arrived with. Canadian people seem to find Aussies easy enough to understand but Scottish accents particularly difficult to decipher. (The server at Tim Hortons would agree)

We spent the entire afternoon swimming and laughing and eating and drinking. We had a massive bbq with a giant salad spread. I apologise for the lack of photos, I spent the entire afternoon swatting and avoiding mosquitos. Seriously the mosquitoes were bad, so bad infact I found myself asking about the presence of Zika or Malaria in Canada (particular mosquito driven viruses). After petting the three dogs all afternoon and conversing with all of Katy’s family members we headed back to Coleen and Bucks house to wind down for a shower before bed. The weather has been 26C and sunny, we really have lucked out with the weather since we’ve been in Canada.

Tomorrow we drive out Neil and Estelles (Buck and Neil are brothers; according to my mental family tree) cottage out by the lake just over on the Quebec side of the border. Hoping it involves various lake activities as it’s meant to be even hotter tomorrow.

Hope everything is well back in Australia

M 🙂🤙🏻

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